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Kisharon Langdon was formed in 2023 following the merger of two well-established learning disability charities, Kisharon and Langdon.

Kisharon had provided unrivalled life opportunities to members of London’s Jewish community for almost 50 years whilst Langdon’s roots lay in Manchester with the founding of Langdon College over 30 years ago. As Langdon’s revered services grew and expanded to London, the similarities between both charities became increasingly evident, underlined by their collective commitment to fostering an inclusive environment underpinned by Jewish values.

The two charities worked closely together for a number of years, sharing resources and expertise, and the recent merger has created one of the UK’s leading learning disability charities. As Kisharon Langdon, we have been able to enhance our range and quality of services and increase our personalisation of care, enabling the people we support to learn, develop and thrive in new and unique ways. The merger has also helped reduce growing waiting lists for our services as we strive to be there for everyone in our community who needs us.

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