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Breaking Barriers - EMYG24 Access Games Open for Participants!

Updated: Mar 1

As part of the European Maccabi Youth Games this Summer, Maccabi GB is piloting an exciting programme – a sporting provision for Jewish youth with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). This provision, called the EMYG24 Access Games, aims to address the limited mainstream sporting opportunities faced by those with SEND, and help facilitate a true ‘sports for all’ mentality within the Jewish community.

As part of this programme, participants will get to take part in a variety of sporting-based activities over a few days and be given the opportunity to attend the EMYG24 Opening Ceremony and Friday Night Dinner.

Maccabi GB is currently seeking interested participants who would like to form the cohort for this exciting pilot programme – attendance of which is completely complimentary.

Our desired age range is 14-18, and we are seeking those with mild to moderate special educational needs. For further information and/or to register your interest, please click here, or email

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