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Yellow Candle 2024

Updated: Apr 26

The Yellow Candle Project is happening once again this year, taking place on Sunday 5th May, the eve of Yom HaShoah.

The project is an opportunity for people across the world to join together on Yom HaShoah to light a Yellow Candle, creating a virtual memorial which names and humanises the victims of the Holocaust. Each candle comes with a biographical card, containing the name, age, date, and place of death of an individual killed in the Holocaust.

The Yellow Candle Project’s unique power comes from the naming of the individual, enabling both children and adults to think of a person, and, sometimes, a person of their own age. This remembrance need not be constrained to only the eve of Yom HaShoah, and there are many stories of people choosing to keep their remembrance cards, often with their Shabbat Candles, and think of these people week on week, when lighting their candles.

On the Yellow Candle website, you can find a multitude of educational resources, including testimony, creative activities for young people, and suggestions of how to have the difficult conversations Yom HaShoah may bring about.

Maccabi GB encourage the community to order a Yellow Candle this Yom HaShoah and remember a person by their name. Together, we can ensure individuals are never forgotten. You can purchase your Yellow Candle here.

Please note that Postage and Packaging is now £3.25 to ensure your Yellow Candle arrives on time.

Please also note that orders for the Yellow Candle Project close at 1pm on Wednesday 1st May.

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